Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Mail: Cupcake Edition

I am in love with Happy Mail! If you have never heard of Happy Mail, check out these websites:

The Giver's Log (Has super cute and unique ideas for 13oz or less packages to send)

and of course, Sunny Jane's blog, since she is the one who started me out on this idea!

Basically, Happy Mail is all about sending someone else a bit of happiness! And I thought "What could be happier than cupcakes?!" Thus, Cupcake-Party-in-a-Box became my first packages to send out. 
The Contents

1. Directions

2. Cupcake Wrappers (since this package was for a niece and 2 nephews, they got 2 different kinds)

3. Sprinkles, Candles, Cupcake Batter Bites, or whatever kind of cupcake fixings you like! But seriously, who doesn't like sprinkles?!? And mustache straws. Definitely add mustache straws.

The fun packaging is a must! Washi tape, little notes, stickers, it all adds to the charm!

Make each package unique, even if you do the same style of Happy Mail. This is my niece Hailey's Cupcake Party box. Same idea, different "ingredients"!

Finally, decorate your box. 

The stir my cute box caused at the Post Office was great! I ended up explaining Happy Mail to the Postal worker as well as the other customers!

The best part about Happy Mail? As you endeavor to brighten someone else's day, your day is brightened too!

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