Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Epic Chores!

Do you have things to do that are monotonous, boring, or just plain distasteful? My method will make even the most mundane chore EPIC!
Step 1:
Find and download some epic music, like this-

(Note awesome Star Wars clips)

or this-

Step 2:
Listen to said music while doing your jobs. Suddenly, the fate of the world seems to rest on your shoulders!!! No longer is you job boring! You aren't washing dishes, you are Destroying the Dastardly Dish creatures! You aren't vacuuming the floor, you are Vanquishing the Villanous Dust Bunnies! Every task now seems so very EPIC!! Save the world by doing chores!!!

Order my Epic-Music Cd for $19.95, plus Shipping and Handling and you too can have Epic Chores!!