Monday, September 19, 2011

California 2011

We went to California last week. Or rather, a week and a half ago. Its always an adventure going on a long trip with 7 people in the car.... Thank the Lord for a variety of music and 3 sets of Adventures in Odyssey!

Anyways, while on the way, Greg likes to stop at historical landmarks and museum things. Here we are at a logging museum.
We always laugh at the way the game show gals pose around the winner's prize and so.....

There was a whole historic logging town that you could walk around. One thing it showed me is that people haven'e changed that much since then. What gave me that idea? The out house. "Why?" you ask? Because there were clear differences in the boys and girls out houses:The girls out house had two holes. You know how we always go to the bathroom in groups....

Ok,fast forward a few days, cuz I didn't take pictures every day.
We went to the Maritime Museum of San Diego, which basically means "The place to see cool, old boats". The best two were the Star of India and the HMS Suprise.
It was pretty cool seeing all these regular modern boats on the sea and then, suddenly you see these massive piratey (yes, piratey is a word) ships in the harbor.

This is the Star of India, but it was just too hugeto get the whole thing in the picture. It was 3 decks of historical awesomeness!! This ship has been around the world 21 times and is 148 years old! You can check out the museum's website if you're interested

A worker named "Captain Al" hung out with use for a while. He saw our matching shirts (Our Heritage Baptist Shirts, I might add) and asked how we had "had compassion and made a difference" that day. He gave us our own personal tour and taught us how to furl and unfurl the sails. See, they had a mast and sail built inside the ship so that incase you fall off, you don't die. Here we are, furling away!

Come to find out, he was an actor in Master and Commander:Far Side of the World, as is the other ship, but I'll get to that in a minute... See the red arrow? That's him.

Here we are with Captain Al

Onward! Here is the HMS Surprise!
Not only was this seen in Master and Commander, but its also seen in Pirates of the Caribbean 4, as Cap. Barbossa's ship! Pretty sweet huh? I'll continue this tomorrow!