Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

My cup truly runneth over after this meeting and so I want to try to let some of it overflow onto paper, or rather, my blog. This week was the 30th anniversary for Heritage Baptist Church and in my opinion, was one of the best meetings ever. EVER. If I didn’t know better, I’d think these preachers all call each other up before these meetings and say “So, what are you preaching on? Ok, I’ll preach on that too!” It never ceases to amaze me how the sermons are all related. They all come from different men with a variety of preaching styles but is always a common thread that binds them all together. Let me show you what I mean….

Monday, 1st Preacher: Br. Russell Hoover- Following in Dad's Footsteps

Text- Deut. 17:14-20

Solomon represtents many 2nd generation Christians. He started out well but lacked the closeness to God that David his father had. The older he got the more he allowed things to turn his heart away from the Lord.

2nd Preacher: Br. Rocko Shanks- The Approach to Supplication

Text- Eph 6:6-7, Est. 4:8

Esther approaching the King is a picture of the Christian approaching the Lord.

When you approach the Lord, you need the right Target (God), the right Timing (Be patient when necessary), and the right Tone (IF it pleases you, not I, I, I)

3rd Preacher: Br.Wall-

Text- Phi.1:27

What is your behavior telling others about you and your God? Does your conduct reflect Christ? We should be standing fast, for Christ is coming soon, and we ought to be unified with other Christians. Strife and Vain-glory is what destroys that harmony.

4th Preacher- Br. Terrance Calvin

Text- Gen. 24

Eliezer as a picture of the Holy Ghost- He: 1)Performs the will of the Father, 2) Preached of the Father and the Son, 3)Presses you into a Choice, 4)Presents you with gifts, 5) Preserves Rebekah on her journey, 6)Leads her on the right Path, 7)Puts her together with the Son. The focus was on point 4- The Holy Spirit is SUPPOSED to convict you, but he can be rejected, point 7- With out the Holy Spirit you can not have fellowship with the Son. When the Spirit moves on you, don't hinder him, respond.

5th Preacher- Br. Tim Shanks-

Text- Ex.33:1-3

God's presence is everything. Why would you want to do "God's work" if He isnt in it? 1. The presence of the Lord requires a softening of your heart and neck (v3), 2. The presence of the Lord requires separation (v16), and 3. The presence of the Lord requires scripture (34:1) Dont replace a relationship with an empty routine.

6th Preacher- Br. Tom Bard-

Text- Ps68: 1-8

Trouble is what draws us close to God. We have this "I'll call you if I need you" mentality towards God and so it takes trouble for us to desire His presence. You cannot manufacture Gods presence in your life. However, we often restrict His presence. You must determine for yourself that you want God.

7th Preacher- Br. Bill Anchor

Text- Is. 52:13-15

Our problem is that we do not see sin as exceedingly sinful. Our sin hung Him on the cross and we act like its no big deal. Then, we ignore when He tries to draw close and remove the sin in our lives. He is A-Z (He had a really great A-Z list of titles for the Lord but I couldnt get them all written down).

8th Preacher- Br. Mike Fluech

Text- Luke 15:24-32

Are you the older brother? He was a grump on a stump, a kill joy. We are Christians and should have the joy of the Lord! What killed his joy?: v29- Complaining, v29 Coveteousness, v30-Criticism of others, and v31 Complacency

And that was just day one! I've never heard so much preaching on the presence of God before and it certainly hit the nail on the head. I have found that sometimes I do things for the Lord but I'm doing it without Him and then thinking myself "Well, I did fill-in-the-blank so I must be pleasing the Lord". I had forgotten that he wants friendship and closeness with me, not just my doing things to be a "good little Christian" as one of the preacher's said. I'm so thankful that God knows right where I am and what I needed to hear. And I'm thankful that He cares enough about me that He will work so hard to get my attention.

I love you Lord. <3