Monday, May 13, 2013

My Secret Admirer

So Saturday evening I found this note that had been stuck in my car. (Well, technically, Sunny Jane's car, I'm just borrowing it right now.)

I was rather confused. "What? Who is 'Todd'? How long has this been here? Was it meant for me or Sunny Jane? Is there a library patron named Todd that I know? Is Todd cute? Be a man and talk to me Todd, don't stick creepy notes in my car! Wait, ARE you some sort of creeper?" I had no idea who Todd could be.

I was going over to stay the night with Sunny Jane and I knew she would get I kick out of it, so I brought it with me. We laughed about it for a while, and I suggested having Greg, my step dad, call the number, just to see what would happen. I knew I had to bring it to church Sunday so that Mom could see it.
At church, I went running up to her and said "Look! I have a secret admirer." She looked at me like this...
Then she said "I put that note in the car! HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Thanks Mom. Thanks.

Well, it just makes this pie chart all the more accurate:

Also, I would appreciate if everyone would call my mom "Todd" for a while.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

50 Book Challenge: The List Begins


1. Sackett's Land by Louis L'amour
2. ? by James Patterson (Haven't decided on which book it will be yet)
3. Killing Floor by Lee Child (Book 1 in the Jack Reacher series)
4. The Innocent by Harlan Coben
5. North and South by Gaskell
6. Brave New World by Huxley
7. Dog On It by Spence Quinn

Non Fiction
11. Obsession: The Nick Stevens Story (Biography about hunting with Terriers)
12. There and Back Again: An Actors Tale by Sean Astin (Bio about filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy)
13. The Profiler: My Life hunting serial killers and Psychopaths

16. Warriors book 1 by Erin Hunter
17. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
18. Fever by Anderson

Teen (really struggling with this category)
21. Ranger’s Apprentice- Ruins of Gorlan by Flanagan
22. Pathfinder by Orson S Card

Spritual Non Fiction
26. Stewarding Life
27, One Small Barking Dog
28. The Great Divorce by CS Lewis

Inspirational Fiction
31. Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson
32. Blinded by Travis Thrasher
33. Martyr of the Catacombs
34. ? by Francine Rivers 

37. Ender's Game by OS Card
38. Rover by Mel Odum
39. Some random Star Wars book
40. The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton 

41. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
42. Dante's Divine Comedy
43. Alice in Wonderland by Carroll
44. Peter Pan by Barrie

46. The Moor by Laurie King

MY DISCLAIMER: (To be read really quickly in a mumbly voice, just like the disclaimers in commercials)
As I said before, these are books that I have NOT read yet so I can not be held responsible for any questionable content you find in them if you read one before I review it. At this point I AM NOT recommending these books yet; I am simply reading and reviewing them. Then I will decide whether I recommend them or not. If any of them contain questionable content, language, etc.,  I will make you aware of it ASAP, removing them from my list if I deem them too unacceptable to finish reading. Thank you for your understanding. 

I'm not reading these in any particular order but I have started a few of them already. Hopefully, I will have my first review done in the next week or so.... 

What are you reading right now?