Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My New Mattress

For the last month or so, we have been trying to work out a way to get my new bed home. There was a mattress at Greg’s moms house that was lightly used and she wanted us to take it away. We tried several times to get it over here (she lives in Washington) but it never worked out. Last weekend, we went over for my brother Josh’s wedding to Lacey and we brought it back with us. Today, we brought out my old bed and brought in the new one. I vacuumed it and was relaxing on it in the living room. I looked at Mom and jokingly said “I’m gonna sorta miss the way the old mattress sagged in the middle. It was a comfy, cradle-like rut.” We laughed and then I got up to haul it down to my room. In it went and then I plopped it on the box spring and SURPRISE!!! It wasn’t a full size but a queen! Obviously, it didn’t fit. I then lugged it back up the stairs, looked up at the ceiling and yelled “I was just kidding God!!! I wouldn’t really miss the sag!!!” Now, Mo and I are lounging on the old mattress and my new mattress is upstairs on Mom and Greg’s box spring. So much for my new bed!!!

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