Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Book Challenge

I have decided that I'm want to do a book challenge. You are welcome to join me, or just read about mine, or make up your own challenge! But here's my question: What should I read?? I looked at several book challenges online and couldn't find any that I liked so I made up my own outline. I am setting my goal at 50 books with no set time limit and now I need some input. My categories are:
-10 Fiction
-5 Non Fiction
-5 Kids/Juniors
-5 Teen
-5 Missionary/Non Fiction Spiritual
-5 Inspirational Fiction
-5 Sci-fi/ Fantasy
-5 Classics
-5 What-ever-happens-to catch-my-eye

I want all of the books I choose to be ones I have never read before and my goal is to blog a review about each of them. Have some suggestions? Tell me them! Want to join in? Please do!


  1. Deffinetely looking forward to reading these reviews!Have you ever read Safely Home? It's an interesting fiction. Thought provoking...
    Over Sea Under Stone is a fun and easy fiction.
    Have you ever read Despereaux? Five Little Peppers? My Side of the Mountain? All fictions...
    How I Know God Answers Prayer by Rosiland Goforth is a very good spiritual one.
    And I'm curious, are you just going to look at the library for all these books? Or do you know a really good place to get books?

  2. I have read all the My Side of the Mountain books, and How I Know God Answers Prayer. I tried Five Little Peppers and didn't finish it... It just didn't hold my attention for some reason. For the most part I will be getting the books from the library. (Working there gives me plenty of insight into selecting new stuff to try! :) A few are ones that I own but still haven't read. I do want to do my reviews on books that other people will be able to get a hold of though... Seems silly to review books that no one can find! :) Thanks for the input!