Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do You Hear the Peopl Sing? Pt 2

Once in Paris, Valjean and Cosette live for 10 years in a convent/school for girls only. Valjean is employed there as the gardener. Cosette longs to go out and see the real world so they leave the convent and get a house in Paris. Valjean still has money from the silver and his previous business and so is able to provide for them.

Walking about the city, Cosette meets Marius, a young revolutionist. The two are smitten by each other and make plans to meet again. Unknown to Valjean, Javert is now stationed in the city as well, due to the civil unrest of the revolutionaries.
Javert learns that Valjean is alive and living in Paris and, unable to let him be, determines to catch him once more.

Valjean realizes he is being hunted once again and decides to take Cosette and flee across the sea, but Cosette is heartbroken, not wanting to leave Marius behind. Marius is devastated when he hears of her imminent departure.

Meanwhile, Javert has gone undercover into the ranks of the revolutionists, planning to feed them false information. A young boy knows who Javert really is and tells the leader of the group, Enjolras. Javert is then tied up, to be kept until after the first battle. Valjean, after learning of Marius, decides, for the sake of Cosette, to go to the battle and assist the young man....

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